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If you live in Dudley and have any chronic health conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, lung disease and other ongoing health problems, we offer free support through an effective self-management education programme.

Help for those living in Dudley

The Self-Management Programme (SMP) was developed at Stanford University and we are currently contracted by Dudley Public Health to deliver SMP in the borough of Dudley.

This 6 week education workshop is designed for anyone living with chronic health conditions.

Our aim is to build your confidence and improve quality of life by giving you new skills and information to help manage your condition better on a daily basis.

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“The course was very useful lots of information was provided in community language and I understood everything which helps me how I can cope with certain issues to better look after and help my husband thanks to BME who arrange this course”December – 2016

“The course increased my knowledge about this illness and made me aware of my mother in law condition we can look after her better way than before thanks BME”December – 2016

“Thoroughly enjoyed the course & looked forward to it every week. I believe that a lot of this was due to the tutors as well as the course itself”May – 2018

The Face-to-Face Self Management Program (SMP) in Halesowen, Dudley that occurred early December.

How to get involved

If you live in Dudley and you’d like to take part, please register your interest, our team will be in touch to discuss with you our forthcoming workshop you can take part in.

Register your interest

Our partners

Our Self Management Programme is funded and delivered alongside a number of fantastic partners.

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