About us

Healthy lifestyles

BME United Ltd/ Step Up (WM) CIC is currently working on various projects in particular the healthy lifestyle programme, primarily operating in the West Midlands Region and through our services we are improving the health and well-being of our service users and their communities.

We are passionate about delivering healthy lifestyle related services to communities.

Healthy living for all

The objective is to promote and improve opportunities to work in collaboration with statutory and voluntary bodies to engage diverse communities in the public services, in more flexible formats more suitable to their (clients) lifestyles. We are committed to healthy living for all and health and well-being is important to our business.

We are focused and have a passion for excellent client-care and exceedingly high-standards.

Empowering individuals

We put people before any other priority in doing so our main purpose is to empower individuals who are disadvantaged, vulnerable, isolated due to cultural, linguistic barriers and require appropriate support/awareness.

Community cohesion

As part of our work ethic the organisation is considerate about the factors that we think are relevant and important to help increase community cohesion and participation, which also gives us a better idea of how the programmes can be supported at grass roots level.