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Lets do it together.
Lets spread the message.
Lets have Covid-19 vaccine.

Health services across the UK have now administered 57.8 million vaccines, including 36.9 million people with their first dose and 20.8 million with both doses.

Hello all
To stop this pandemic, we need to use all our prevention tools. Vaccines are one of the most effective tools to protect your health
and prevent disease.

Kuldeep Channa
Board Member
BME United ltd
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Wolverhampton Champions distributing covid-19 safety packs.

We advise you to have the Covid-19 vaccine on time when it's offered to you.
It is safe and effective.
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Let's get protection against Covid-19
* The Vaccine is safe and effective
* Getting vaccinated is easy
* Having the Vaccine is the best way to protect yourself and others
* It's important to have both doses, the second dose makes sure that you have maximum protection

#WVcommunitychamps are ready to distribute these Covid-19 defence pack in the local community. Do your part to stop the spread of Covid-19 contagious virus.

BME community champion received Covid-19 safety pack from TLC Wolverhampton to distribute in the local community.

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Hello all
The Covid-19 vaccine is safe and effective. Don't delay in getting your vaccine when offered to you.
I had my first jab and waiting for second one to be offered.

Arslan Butt
IT/DATABASE Support Officer

#LCPWVChampion #CovidVaccine

Dear colleagues, friends and family members

I have had my first jab and i will have the second jab next week. I strongly believe that having vaccination will protect us. I highly recommend that you have your vaccination done when called up by NHS.


BMEU Celebrating World Health Day

BME United dedicated and passionate in delivering community Healthy Lifestyle Services over 16 years. Our project services.
* Health Is Wealth
* Self Management Programme
* Stop Smoking Services
* Employment
* Help support during Covid-19

Smoking attacks our lungs and makes it harder to breathe. And looking after our health has never been more important. Search Stoptober to quit smoking and breathe #BetterHealth

#COVID19 cases are rising. Our advice remains the same.

#StayAtHome as much as possible
#WorkFromHome if you can
#LimitContact with others
#WashYourHands regularly
#Self-Isolate if you or your household have symptoms
#StayAlert #Coronavirus #HandsFaceSpace

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